Galgos del Sol has come on in huge leaps & bounds over the months, please catch up on their Facebook page detailed below.


GrannyPants and Hank got the call to say the inspectors would be with us in under an hour. They gave us our emergency list of jobs but what they didnt know this is the moment I’ve personally been waiting for.

Do you know how it feels to come from illegal fincas, ducking and diving always worrying the dogs will get taken away to now a legal facility thats allowed to be here & our dogs never being put at risk again? Ill tell you how it feels, FREAKING LIBERATING!

We were praised on how well the dogs were kept, the installation itself, the cleaning standard operation procedure (we now have two employees that clean), the data base was fully up to date thanks to Eva, every dog registered with its history in place, all passports and paperwork done.

Well done team for doing such a great job. It was great to hear the words we go above and beyond to give these galgos and podencos a great life whilst here. Im chuffed to bits, man that feels good. It was sad leaving the fincas but in the end it was about doing it correctly & legally, the bigger picture, making a long term difference and here we are guys, here we are! Thank you!


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We have a way to go yet before we can finish our reception area but one thing we do need to start putting in place asap is the main toilets inside the first reception area, this is to pass an upcoming inspection (although it won’t be finished, the work will have started).

Will you donate to allow us to dump?

Just ONE euro for a number one,
Just TWO euros for a number two or
Just THREE euros for both

Everyone who donates will be entered into a prize draw to win GDS custom toilet paper, there will be 12 lucky winners!


If we hit 4000 euros then thats 8000 euros, yes I’m a whizz at math you know. Thank you Rick!

Each day join us for some light hearted toilet humour with questions asked by the GDS fur babies and enjoy the videos showing the dire places we have found to replace the thrown in our moments of need.

To donate your 1, 2 or 3 euros please do so with a note in the field donate to dump — option for using a credit card is on our donate page or to use our Paypal options

If possible please choose for “family and friends”.

Fundraiser ends Sunday 22nd May at 6pm!

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Life goes on at a fast rate at Galgos del Sol. So much has been happening.

You must check out their Facebook page to not miss anything.

Below: Making the headlines with our education programmes!


Well done everyone! That’s 6,003 euros towards the start of the reception area. That was a fun fundraiser with Granny pants & Hank.


Building has gone from strength to strength.


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Please support GdS on Facebook There’s so much to read about GdS there, endless stories with photos & videos.


More from Galgos del Sol

First of all the Rock the Next Block Auction raised 63,000€, amazing. So many thanks to all who took part.

Yesterday Galgos del Sol said goodbye to fourteen of their lovely rescues that would have otherwise died miserable deaths on the streets of Spain.

All have been re-homed through Galgos del Sol UK headed by Suzie Scott, Galgos del Sol Belgium headed by Kim and Marianne and Les Galgos de L’Ardeene Bleue.
So who is on their way? Margarita, Webster, Hermes, Poppy, Peruna, Peter, Penelope, George, Bayswater, Shaftsbury, Maya, Mulata, The Child and Mrs Patamore! All going to wonderful families to live their happy ever afters.

So many people were involved in making this happen legally and responsibly. Thank you Brian form Ibizan Hounds Rescue who kindly did our Traces paperwork vet with the government to ensure all the dogs were safe and legal to travel, to all the sponsors, adopters, donors and to Alstrays transport service for always delivering and making sure the dogs arrive safely to their new homes you can find them on FB here!

Thanks everyone, job well done!


The new centre has been open some time now, more than 100 dogs are safely being cared for there. It’s busy, busy, busy!

Tina has been in London for a week. In her own words “What a fantastic week learning with Dogs Trust in the UK. Dogs Trust for those that don’t know are the leading dog charity in the UK with a non destruction policy. Galgos del Sol was lucky enough to be selected to take part in an intense international training programme with them so that we can apply new skills to improve the welfare of galgos in Spain.

The course was absolutely fantastic, very informative, intense & absolutely worth it. My little brain is busting with new ideas especially on how to raise awareness locally and promoting what fantastic companions galgos make. We would love to see our local adoption programme expand. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow effectively within their organisation and not just pick up the pieces at the end of the problem. So many groups from all around the world sharing their experiences and boy was I blown away especially with the progress being made in India but Bark India Charitable Trust and Mission Rabies.

Dogs Trust kindly covered our expenses whilst in london as they are aware we are charities on the frontline firefighting and need all the funds we can get. Their aim is to get those with potential to make a difference through the door so they can pass on their knowledge. A wonderful positive organisation. CHAMPIONS! Thank you Dogs Trust!!!! Thank you also to my team on the ground that held the fort so well to allow me to go!

Click here to take a look at the training course!”

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In ONE DAY!! Gold is for Granny, Blue is for Hank

THE ROCK THE NEXT BLOCK AUCTION is to raise the funds for the desperately needed 2nd set of kennels at the GDS Education and Rescue Centre.

Our auction administrators, Hank and Granny, are at it again and battling for top dog status and you will be the decider. Each wants to have the most number of items donated in their names (as shown by their photos on each posted item).

When you donate your auction item make sure you tell us if its for Team GrannyPants or Team Hank.

Once the auction begins, our score keeper will do a daily tally of who’s ahead in terms of bids — Team Gold Granny or Team Blue Hank.

Notice in the banner there are little grey kennels — 30 kennels for 60 dogs are 1,333 euros a piece.

Once Hank or Granny’s bids reach 1,333 euros (this is whats needed to finish each kennel, totalling 40,000e) — the grey kennel will become solid yellow or blue and that way we can keep track of our progress. In addition, both Granny and Hank are showing you how they will run their block in order to win your auction items. Luckily there will be a video record — no cheating allowed!

• We are accepting auction items now! Please email your item photographs with the team you choose ‘Team GrannyPants’ OR ‘Team Hank’, the description and mailing information to:

THE BIDDING HAS BEGUN, it began on Friday 12th February 6pm UK time, 7pm Spain, 1pm East Coast US, and 10am West Coast. It will close at the same times on Friday February 19th.
• Check out the time where you are and don’t miss out.

Auction bidding —

• If using a smart phone, you must click on the bidding album to view items.
• Bids in WHOLE EUROS please – write your bid under the item in the bidding album.
• Shipping details will be shown with each item
• Payment by Paypal only (they may charge fees on transactions)
• Instructions for payment and shipping will be given at the end of the auction

Link to album is >>>>>> HERE

Some of the wonderful donated items…





The new centre!

Sue from the UK, Ingeborg & Lenny from Holland, Nina from Austria (here long term), Sam and myself. Just missing Julie who has already gone back to the UK & Olga who is the behind the scenes silent assassin but here is the awesome ‘A’ team that have helped us move so smoothly to the New Center! Its been very long days, lots of hard graft and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to do it. Thank you so much girls, really this would have been impossible without you. It really has been an experience! LOVE THESE CHICAS! Thank you!
Temporary accommodation


18/1/2016 The whole fence is being re-inforced and heightened for better security for both the dogs and us!

Minor set back! The fence needs re-inforcing around the land! 10,000 euros!!

18,000 euros worth of kennels will be used temporarily at the new center until we raise money for the next set of walls! Then they will be used as temporary kennels for the 3rd and 4th block then when no longer needed will be donated to another charity!

22/1/2016 Taking apart everything we can to recycle on the temporary kennels! Desperately trying not to spend a cent more than we have to!!!! There has been so many unexpected costs so we hope you will join us for the next big auction in Feb so we can Rock the Next Block!

From Tina…

“How are things now?
Of course it’s normal to have all sorts of emotions but it seems some of you have not understood what I mean about being sad at the changes occurring when the fincas have been such a disaster & difficult to live in. The fincas be it terrible and completely unsuitable have been the life span of GDS. It’s been all I know. I’ve lived with the dogs in my home which at times has been so stressful it led to a family breakdown and all sorts of problems but we kept going.

Did I question things the day before leaving? Of course I did, just as I did before getting married, before leaving the UK to live in the Middle East then Spain, before starting a family, even before selling my favourite sports car to buy a family wagon – ugh! Even positive change can be hard but we stormed ahead anyway without looking back. Do I have any regrets? NO FRIGGIN WAY.

Is the Center awesome? More than bloody awesome, I love it and couldn’t be prouder of all us if I tried. How did I feel the first night without the dogs at the finca? I missed them because I worried about how they were settling in in their new environment but I felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders personally, wondered how I held on for so long.

Whats the main difference I see in the dogs now? They are calmer, there seems to be balance, they were happy before but now they are happy in a settled way. We are exactly where we are meant to be. The place looks a little baron but soon we plant trees, put in play equipment and landscape. My emotions were only concerning the huge changes not leaving the fincas.

What do I miss about the fincas? THE DOGS. Would I do anything differently? NO. The journey I’ve been on has been driven by passion with your support, the only reason I kept going was because I loved these dogs so much and because you believed in me. The change has been hard but that doesn’t mean I don’t want those changes. I hope that explains things.

Onwards and Upwards, the next chapter begins and we are storming thru the pages already! I can’t wait for the next roller coaster!”

Some great photos taken from our FB page, go look at more please at

Podlet Poppy loves the New Center because the inside kennels are warm and snuggly at night time and the blankets don’t get moist!
The Podlets love the New Center as they have more room to run and beat each other up!
Podlet Pamela loves the new centre because now the humans dont complain about the relentless amount of number two’s. Now they all fall down a drain and sail away to a new home underground never to be seen again.
Webster loves the new centre. He says the floor dry’s really quickly after cleaning so he doesnt have to wait so long before playing now!
Peruna and Paula are on the look out for a RAT. He’s a sneaky rat thats good at hiding and is always impossible to find they say…
Getting refreshments ready for the morning! Thank you kids! Whats your tonic?
Peter Podlet gives the New Center a big paws up! He’s loving it!
The workers have gone home for the weekend but we don’t want to stop. The Podlets decide to help us out to get the job done!
Loba and Boris love The New Center because nothing disturbs them now in the night so they sleep all the way thru. Boris in particular feels that will help him stay younger for longer
All dogs are sleeping beautifully. Inside the kennels are all snuggly and warm. Not a peep out of them! Happy days people – happy days!


We are moving the dogs in two weeks!!!

It’s been confirmed! We are moving the dogs to the new centre in two weeks!!! This is it guys, the next chapter begins! Who’s ready for the next GDS roller coaster???

The dogs might be moving over but it ain’t over yet! To be able to accommodate them all we need to Rock the next Block!

Here we are sat on the second platform where we need to raise money to get the walls up.


For the next few months the temporary cages will sit on here but there will be no drainage and limited shelter from the elements! So the walls are on order and the minute we have the money they will be mounted!

In February we will be running out biggest auction yet hosted by GrannyPants and Hank and we promise to keep you entertained! So hold on to your items because we are going to have a blast!!!!

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