GDS attended a galgo show on 12th June

14th June: From Tina Today GDS attended a galgo show to hand out educational leaflets. The leaflets talks about better treatment of galgos and how less but better quality breeding benefits both the galguero and the more importantly (for us) the galgos. We were pleased to hear some galgueros have already cut down on the number of galgos they have to try and give better quality care to the ones they currently own… Talking to the galgueros was a brief one just really speaking about how the galgueros we are working with would like to see all galgos have a good life in a home after their hunting/running careers have ended. We said it’s possible but we need to be more responsible with breeding and that we would appreciate it if they would take 5 minutes to read our leaflet. image We were told we could not insult or criticise the galgueros on the microphone which of course we wouldn’t no matter how tempting as we want to come back and attend other shows. Its a slow process and if we want to work amongst them there can be no hard hits with words at a public show at this stage…. some will see it is as soft.. yes it is but it’s the start, it’s the way it is right now…. We’ve done our best to open lines of communication and we believe we’ve been fairly successful today. Thanks for your support! Later… From Tina Just had a call from a representative of the federation of galgos. He said that the galgueros were very happy with our visit that they felt encouraged to have a Protectora that was willing to work alongside them and it’s a good message to be more responsible with breeding. They said we were right and that we were very brave. He laughed and said it was not easy to stand there with just three of us in front of what could have been a hostile crowd and they would like us to attend more shows to spread our opinion on how we can make life better for the galgos and the galgueros! I have to tell you… I’m really pleased with this and we will absolutely be attending more shows!



I was previously blogging for Galgos del Sol on the Eye on Spain website, please take time to look there. There is SO MUCH info & work there. I started it 16th January, 2011.


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