The “It Takes Two Baby” campaign fundraiser

It Takes Two Baby … yeah! So we are about ½ way to completing Phase 1, metal work for all kennels is complete and the foundation for the first set of 30 kennels is underway. Each kennel will house 2 dogs. Until we have the funds to install the 2nd set of kennels, we will use our temporary kennels from the New Finca. Here’s where your help comes in. We need to raise 10,000 euros so the foundation can be poured and the temporary kennels can be placed on concrete instead of directly on the land (This is just a temporary measure until we have the funds for the structure to go on this poured concrete). If each one of you donates just 2 euros we could easily smash that target with our It Take Two Baby Initiative!

Here’s how it works …. for just 2 euros you can submit a photo of one of your pets, it doesn’t have to be a dog, it could be a hamster or a horse or even a parrot. You paypal 2 euros to (Europe), (US) or (UK) and then pop your photo on this page! Simple!

Everyday Hank will chose a photo and together with his commentary, your pet will be our featured banner of the day. Naturally, you can donate as many euros and submit as many photos as you like, of the same pet or your whole pack! So get them in quick before Hank gets cranky and his commentaries go downhill … you know how he can be! Join the fun and watch the centre grow!



As work continues in the fabrica the boys will be back onsite tomorrow to start mounting the frame for the first set of kennels! In May 2014 this was just a dream. We found a large piece of land which was deemed suitable by the council to hold a proper rescue and education facility. It was essential to move forward as GDS grew bigger and was taking in more and more galgos. All of you pulled together and we raised over 100,000 for the land!!! Then we raised funds to have the water and electricity connected. We didn’t stop there and all the licenses, engineer fees and plans were covered. Security, fencing, metal work all now paid for. Do you realise how awesome you have been? Let me tell you, you are MAGNIFICENT, GENEROUS and the most wonderful voice for the galgos, the most loyal supporters a charity could wish for! The first block is covered, the drainage, ground work, roofing, everything on block one is paid for and being built as you read this. Now we are raising for block TWO. The metal work for block two is paid but with your TWO euros on the IT TAKES TWO BABY we are looking to get the first part of the ground work done. Worst case scenario is if the ground work is down then we can put the temp kennels from the new finca on top of them just until we raise enough to get the structure up. Its not ideal but it gets the dogs out of the fincas and onto site which is of utmost urgency right now! The pressure is on, everyday is important and if you haven’t already done so its not too late to donate your TWO euros and make a difference! Thank you!!! Join us here over on IT TAKES TWO BABY!

Some videos from the GdS channel on Youtube …

Check out many more on


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