Brigitte: her life is our life



At just 7-8 weeks old Brigitte continues to fight for her life after being thrown out on the streets.

She has a message for her galguero… you may need a tissue x

From Tina… Not at all happy with Brigitte’s previous diagnosis so Monday (2/11) she’s booked in for more tests but sadly they will be more intrusive. I see a little girl not growing, not developing in anyway and in pain when she eats. We are not giving up!

2/11 from Tina
Previously two vet hospitals and one opinion – Anxiety!
We refuse to believe it. Today we are looking for answers and not leaving untill we have them! Our hearts are breaking at the sight of her it’s just getting worse and worse! Dear Brigitte stay strong we are all fighting for you!

3/11 from Tina
Update on Brigitte. We are still waiting for tests to come back from the lab before we consider the endoscopy.

When we first picked up Brigitte it was evident she was starving and the first vet advised we feed little and often which makes perfect sense. She vomited a few times but nothing of great significance to cause worry. When it got worse she saw a second vet who tested for mega-oesophagus and it was negative. She was given some special food and Vit B injections. She got better but then went downhill again so we went to the big hospital in Alicante.

Unfortunately timing was bad as it was the big fiestas here so we couldn’t see the vet we would normally see. She was tested again for Mega-E and her bloods were run plus X-rays nothing showed up and of course (TYPICAL) she didn’t vomit once in hospital, the diagnosis came back Anxiety with food. We worked and worked on that and spoke with vets in the UK about the best way to try and reduce anxiety at food time and again she improved. It was short lived as last week she started to go downhill again. The vet we wanted and needed to see was fully booked until yesterday. I am very very confident now that this vet will nail the diagnosis.

Please have faith in us, we have saved the lives of dogs many wanted to see PTS, Hank, Declan, Marianno, Sandy and Teddy just to name a few… her life is our life and we will not let her down! As soon as we have news you will be the first to know! Last night she remained in hospital to get stronger before needing the endoscopy should we have to go down that road! Thank you for your support!

The tests are not showing up anything. Addison’s negative, Pancreas inconclusive, bloods normal and allergy and disease negative so tomorrow it’s an anesthetic and an endoscopy. Feeling very worried… her poor little body. Please send her some love xx update tomorrow!


4/11 from Tina.
Brigitte update! This morning her stats were worse so the endoscopy has been delayed until next week. She will be fed at hospital for the next 6 days to try to improve her strength. Many of you have donated and we thank you so much, you are helping pay her lab work and the many tests that have been sent off.

We also want to say thank you Richard Fredrickson for covering the next 6 days in intensive care which is amounting to a mini mortgage and to Alibar Dog Knits for covering the cost of the endoscopy! Wow what an effort it is to save this young life and she’s worth every bit! Thank you we will keep you updated xx




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