Club Cyclista Roldán of Murcia need new kits which will have the Galgos del Sol logo on

Education with children is very important to Galgos del Sol. The children are the future.
Cycling is a hugely popular sport and community activity in Spain. Every region has a competitive club for kids between the ages of 3 and 18. When Club Cyclista Roldán sought new sponsors for their bike kits (uniforms), the 75 kids decided unanimously for the opportunity to promote the cause of animal awareness and particularly the treatment of galgos. Why a galgo and animal awareness campaign?


Club Cyclista Roldán of Murcia, Spain is located in an area that is infamous for the abandonment and abuse of galgos. Galgos, Spanish sighthounds, are bred and used exclusively for competitive rabbit hunting and typically abandoned and/or exterminated by the thousands after a short annual hunting season. Two of the teams members are Trinity and Brandon Solera whose mother, Tina, is the founder and president of Galgos del Sol , a licensed refuge that rescues, rehabilitates galgos for rehoming. Having grown up among hundreds of rescued galgos, Trinity and Brandon believe that the bike kits are a perfect way to spread the word of the galgo plight.

Here are photos of Trinity and Brandon & team mates.



imageClub Cyclista Roldán is one of the oldest and most successful Spanish cycling clubs producing world class athletes thanks an extremely compassionate and skillful coach. It will be the first to promote an animal awareness cause. To spread the word further, galgos will attend the races with the team. Education through children is to the key breaking the cycle of decades of galgo abuse. The newly designed kits consist of a five piece uniform for each kid.

Lots of publicity opportunities as these guys are so awesome they are constantly on the podium! The galgos will join them!

How we would like to see the new kit this season!

With just 4,000 euros we can kit out the whole team, the best young team in Spain, who will be travelling on an almost weekly basis around the country. What a promotional opportunity! With respect to the large companies who currently fund their uniforms — WE NEED the exposure, the dogs need the plight to be heard on a national basis and this is the best marketing opportunity we are ever likely to have!

These two boys rescued Kuko from the streets and rang GDS as a direct result of our education programme. They didnt want to see him get hurt.




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