Such sadness as Brigitte loses her battle

I posted about this beautiful little puppy, Brigitte, here >>>

It is heartbreaking to tell those who aren’t aware yet that Brigitte has passed away, she just was too ill to cope with what life had thrown at her.


On 16th November Tina, who was in the USA posted “Even almost 4000 miles away I knew the exact moment she left. I’ve only just got the news but I know when she couldn’t fight anymore because I felt something terrible I couldn’t explain it. She’s gone, our hearts broken, she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay and that’s why we fought so hard for her, all of you from around the world with us by our side, by her side. Her spirit so so strong, her body just not the right shell to keep her here. We love you so much Brigitte I’m sorry. With your most beautiful wings go and be a cheeky little tinker at the bridge, shine bright, you are loved everywhere, at peace my little girl. Rest in Peace. Love you so much xxx”

Her endoscopy had been ..eventually .. on 4th November after a week of feeding her to get her strength up otherwise she wouldn’t have tolerated the procedure, & she was found to have inflamed intestines. The vets managed to feed her & she seemed to be improving but on 11th November she went downhill. This was posted on GdS Facebook

“Last night Brigitte’s intestines shut down, her temp dropped dramatically and it looked like we would lose her. She was being fed through the neck as her other entities had shut down and she was packed with heat pads. We fought with her all night long”

Next day (12th) she was feeding, she was keeping it down & not vomiting & it was thought she was recovering although it was not known why her intestines were inflamed. But, in the days after, she went downhill & couldn’t recover.

Those who read about her & saw her photos & videos fell in love with her, how could you not love this tiny puppy who had been so abused in her short life?   She will not be forgotten.

RIP Brigitte, run free.







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