The Galgos del Sol journey


From Tina, President of Galgos del Sol….
Galgos del Sol was founded in 2010 after we, the Solera family, moved to Spain in search of a better life.

We were shocked to find ourselves surrounded by animal cruelty and neglect and took on the challenge to do something about it.

With no support, the effects of an economy crash & betrayal of a volunteer it led to family breakdown and unimaginable stress.

Greyhound Friends New Jersey invited me to talk about my story in New Jersey Nov 2015. With limited time I was unable to mention everyone involved but rather kept to the major changing points along the GDS timeline.

Starting an animal rescue with no money, no facilities is no walk in the park but from nothing GDS has slowly been building and now on the verge of finishing phase one of a brand new Rescue and Education Center! It’s happened because of you and your support.

If you are interested in our journey please feel free to watch this very personal account.

Warning strong images. All content is our own!

You can donate towards the new centre here

Please support GdS on Facebook



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