We are moving the dogs in two weeks!!!

It’s been confirmed! We are moving the dogs to the new centre in two weeks!!! This is it guys, the next chapter begins! Who’s ready for the next GDS roller coaster???

The dogs might be moving over but it ain’t over yet! To be able to accommodate them all we need to Rock the next Block!

Here we are sat on the second platform where we need to raise money to get the walls up.


For the next few months the temporary cages will sit on here but there will be no drainage and limited shelter from the elements! So the walls are on order and the minute we have the money they will be mounted!

In February we will be running out biggest auction yet hosted by GrannyPants and Hank and we promise to keep you entertained! So hold on to your items because we are going to have a blast!!!!

You can donate towards the new centre for Galgos del Sol here >> http://galgosdelsol.org/gds-centre/

Please support GdS on Facebook & don’t miss a thing! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Galgos-del-Sol/175718192447988

Website: http://www.galgosdelsol.org


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