The new centre!

Sue from the UK, Ingeborg & Lenny from Holland, Nina from Austria (here long term), Sam and myself. Just missing Julie who has already gone back to the UK & Olga who is the behind the scenes silent assassin but here is the awesome ‘A’ team that have helped us move so smoothly to the New Center! Its been very long days, lots of hard graft and I couldn’t have wished for a better group of people to do it. Thank you so much girls, really this would have been impossible without you. It really has been an experience! LOVE THESE CHICAS! Thank you!
Temporary accommodation


18/1/2016 The whole fence is being re-inforced and heightened for better security for both the dogs and us!

Minor set back! The fence needs re-inforcing around the land! 10,000 euros!!

18,000 euros worth of kennels will be used temporarily at the new center until we raise money for the next set of walls! Then they will be used as temporary kennels for the 3rd and 4th block then when no longer needed will be donated to another charity!

22/1/2016 Taking apart everything we can to recycle on the temporary kennels! Desperately trying not to spend a cent more than we have to!!!! There has been so many unexpected costs so we hope you will join us for the next big auction in Feb so we can Rock the Next Block!

From Tina…

“How are things now?
Of course it’s normal to have all sorts of emotions but it seems some of you have not understood what I mean about being sad at the changes occurring when the fincas have been such a disaster & difficult to live in. The fincas be it terrible and completely unsuitable have been the life span of GDS. It’s been all I know. I’ve lived with the dogs in my home which at times has been so stressful it led to a family breakdown and all sorts of problems but we kept going.

Did I question things the day before leaving? Of course I did, just as I did before getting married, before leaving the UK to live in the Middle East then Spain, before starting a family, even before selling my favourite sports car to buy a family wagon – ugh! Even positive change can be hard but we stormed ahead anyway without looking back. Do I have any regrets? NO FRIGGIN WAY.

Is the Center awesome? More than bloody awesome, I love it and couldn’t be prouder of all us if I tried. How did I feel the first night without the dogs at the finca? I missed them because I worried about how they were settling in in their new environment but I felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders personally, wondered how I held on for so long.

Whats the main difference I see in the dogs now? They are calmer, there seems to be balance, they were happy before but now they are happy in a settled way. We are exactly where we are meant to be. The place looks a little baron but soon we plant trees, put in play equipment and landscape. My emotions were only concerning the huge changes not leaving the fincas.

What do I miss about the fincas? THE DOGS. Would I do anything differently? NO. The journey I’ve been on has been driven by passion with your support, the only reason I kept going was because I loved these dogs so much and because you believed in me. The change has been hard but that doesn’t mean I don’t want those changes. I hope that explains things.

Onwards and Upwards, the next chapter begins and we are storming thru the pages already! I can’t wait for the next roller coaster!”

Some great photos taken from our FB page, go look at more please at

Podlet Poppy loves the New Center because the inside kennels are warm and snuggly at night time and the blankets don’t get moist!
The Podlets love the New Center as they have more room to run and beat each other up!
Podlet Pamela loves the new centre because now the humans dont complain about the relentless amount of number two’s. Now they all fall down a drain and sail away to a new home underground never to be seen again.
Webster loves the new centre. He says the floor dry’s really quickly after cleaning so he doesnt have to wait so long before playing now!
Peruna and Paula are on the look out for a RAT. He’s a sneaky rat thats good at hiding and is always impossible to find they say…
Getting refreshments ready for the morning! Thank you kids! Whats your tonic?
Peter Podlet gives the New Center a big paws up! He’s loving it!
The workers have gone home for the weekend but we don’t want to stop. The Podlets decide to help us out to get the job done!
Loba and Boris love The New Center because nothing disturbs them now in the night so they sleep all the way thru. Boris in particular feels that will help him stay younger for longer
All dogs are sleeping beautifully. Inside the kennels are all snuggly and warm. Not a peep out of them! Happy days people – happy days!



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