In ONE DAY!! Gold is for Granny, Blue is for Hank

THE ROCK THE NEXT BLOCK AUCTION is to raise the funds for the desperately needed 2nd set of kennels at the GDS Education and Rescue Centre.

Our auction administrators, Hank and Granny, are at it again and battling for top dog status and you will be the decider. Each wants to have the most number of items donated in their names (as shown by their photos on each posted item).

When you donate your auction item make sure you tell us if its for Team GrannyPants or Team Hank.

Once the auction begins, our score keeper will do a daily tally of who’s ahead in terms of bids — Team Gold Granny or Team Blue Hank.

Notice in the banner there are little grey kennels — 30 kennels for 60 dogs are 1,333 euros a piece.

Once Hank or Granny’s bids reach 1,333 euros (this is whats needed to finish each kennel, totalling 40,000e) — the grey kennel will become solid yellow or blue and that way we can keep track of our progress. In addition, both Granny and Hank are showing you how they will run their block in order to win your auction items. Luckily there will be a video record — no cheating allowed!

• We are accepting auction items now! Please email your item photographs with the team you choose ‘Team GrannyPants’ OR ‘Team Hank’, the description and mailing information to:

THE BIDDING HAS BEGUN, it began on Friday 12th February 6pm UK time, 7pm Spain, 1pm East Coast US, and 10am West Coast. It will close at the same times on Friday February 19th.
• Check out the time where you are and don’t miss out.

Auction bidding —

• If using a smart phone, you must click on the bidding album to view items.
• Bids in WHOLE EUROS please – write your bid under the item in the bidding album.
• Shipping details will be shown with each item
• Payment by Paypal only (they may charge fees on transactions)
• Instructions for payment and shipping will be given at the end of the auction

Link to album is >>>>>> HERE

Some of the wonderful donated items…






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