More from Galgos del Sol

First of all the Rock the Next Block Auction raised 63,000€, amazing. So many thanks to all who took part.

Yesterday Galgos del Sol said goodbye to fourteen of their lovely rescues that would have otherwise died miserable deaths on the streets of Spain.

All have been re-homed through Galgos del Sol UK headed by Suzie Scott, Galgos del Sol Belgium headed by Kim and Marianne and Les Galgos de L’Ardeene Bleue.
So who is on their way? Margarita, Webster, Hermes, Poppy, Peruna, Peter, Penelope, George, Bayswater, Shaftsbury, Maya, Mulata, The Child and Mrs Patamore! All going to wonderful families to live their happy ever afters.

So many people were involved in making this happen legally and responsibly. Thank you Brian form Ibizan Hounds Rescue who kindly did our Traces paperwork vet with the government to ensure all the dogs were safe and legal to travel, to all the sponsors, adopters, donors and to Alstrays transport service for always delivering and making sure the dogs arrive safely to their new homes you can find them on FB here!

Thanks everyone, job well done!


The new centre has been open some time now, more than 100 dogs are safely being cared for there. It’s busy, busy, busy!

Tina has been in London for a week. In her own words “What a fantastic week learning with Dogs Trust in the UK. Dogs Trust for those that don’t know are the leading dog charity in the UK with a non destruction policy. Galgos del Sol was lucky enough to be selected to take part in an intense international training programme with them so that we can apply new skills to improve the welfare of galgos in Spain.

The course was absolutely fantastic, very informative, intense & absolutely worth it. My little brain is busting with new ideas especially on how to raise awareness locally and promoting what fantastic companions galgos make. We would love to see our local adoption programme expand. I would fully recommend this course to anyone who is looking to grow effectively within their organisation and not just pick up the pieces at the end of the problem. So many groups from all around the world sharing their experiences and boy was I blown away especially with the progress being made in India but Bark India Charitable Trust and Mission Rabies.

Dogs Trust kindly covered our expenses whilst in london as they are aware we are charities on the frontline firefighting and need all the funds we can get. Their aim is to get those with potential to make a difference through the door so they can pass on their knowledge. A wonderful positive organisation. CHAMPIONS! Thank you Dogs Trust!!!! Thank you also to my team on the ground that held the fort so well to allow me to go!

Click here to take a look at the training course!”

You can donate towards the upkeep of the new centre for Galgos del Sol here >>

Please support GdS on Facebook There’s so much to read about GdS there, there’s endless stories with photos & videos.




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