Galgos del Sol has come on in huge leaps & bounds over the months, please catch up on their Facebook page detailed below.


GrannyPants and Hank got the call to say the inspectors would be with us in under an hour. They gave us our emergency list of jobs but what they didnt know this is the moment I’ve personally been waiting for.

Do you know how it feels to come from illegal fincas, ducking and diving always worrying the dogs will get taken away to now a legal facility thats allowed to be here & our dogs never being put at risk again? Ill tell you how it feels, FREAKING LIBERATING!

We were praised on how well the dogs were kept, the installation itself, the cleaning standard operation procedure (we now have two employees that clean), the data base was fully up to date thanks to Eva, every dog registered with its history in place, all passports and paperwork done.

Well done team for doing such a great job. It was great to hear the words we go above and beyond to give these galgos and podencos a great life whilst here. Im chuffed to bits, man that feels good. It was sad leaving the fincas but in the end it was about doing it correctly & legally, the bigger picture, making a long term difference and here we are guys, here we are! Thank you!


You can donate towards the new centre for Galgos del Sol here

Please support GdS on Facebook

There’s so much to read about GdS there, there’s endless stories with photos & videos.



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